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Mollie Kuenster

Author, actress, and screenwriter, Mollie Kuenster attended the acting school, Cours Florent in Paris. Her passions are film making, photography, and teaching.


She is a catacomb explorer by night and works with children during the day - she combined the two and came up with Oscar Bones.


Dan Kuenster

Dan began his career in animation at Walt Disney Studios and later joined Don Bluth Studios as animator and co-director.


In 2004, he earned an Emmy for storyboarding a children's animated series before entering the educational technology field. 

Dan has spent 20 years as a creative visionary, working closely with curriculum experts to bring a new level of innovative learning to students of all ages. These skills culminated into co-creating Oscar Bones.

TJ Kuenster

Songwriter and producer on Don Bluth Films,

All Dogs Go to Heaven, and RockaDoodle,

TJ Kuenster composed and produced the score for Oscar Bones  including being featured as the narrator to this story.

His involvement also included the final wordsmithing of the text in the story.

TJ is also known as longtime musical director

for country music legend, Glen Campbell.

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Kynho Yu Marcum

Kyn created the 3D model of Oscar Bones and posed him based on the illustrations throughout the story.


Kyn is currently working in the educational technology field and has a passion for computer animation and the technology that surrounds it. Using augmented reality allows the reader to experience the story in another dimension, literally stepping Oscar Bones off the page. 

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